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Brewers Playoffs Trip Report From Miller Park

by on Oct.14, 2008, under Commentary, Fluff report

Perhaps the biggest shock of all for the Brewers getting into the playoffs after a 26 year drought were the Brewers bumping the Green Bay Packers in the media. The Milwaukee Journal became a daily game program for the Brewers and the Packers were shoved to a side station on the radio while the Brewers were broadcast on the main network.

Needless to say, Milwaukee was gripped with Brewers fever

Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers

as they fought through a slumping September, the loss of a manager, and giving up the lead for the wildcard slot. Half the city couldn’t even relate because you had to be about 35 years old and older just to REMEMBER the last time the Brewers made the playoffs.

Prices for tickets borerlined on the impossible, at least for the first home game in Milwaukee. Even as the Brewers were falling behind by two games in the series with Philadelphia, Brewer fans were doing whatever they could to find a ticket. They just had to be there at Miller Park for the experience.

This was something you could not take for granted.

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My “I was at the Cowboys game” Fluff Report

by on Sep.23, 2008, under Commentary, Fluff report

OK… fluff report means just that… fluff… in no particular order…

1. Girlfriend and I arrived about three hours before the game started and we came without a plan, other than to wander the parking lot and to enjoy the weather. It was about as perfect as it can get weather wise for a game.

2. Always being curious, I stop by the scalper pit and find tickets starting at $150/each. Lots of tickets but I don’t see too many buyers. I have a feeling prices didn’t drop a whole lot but I wasn’t going to hang out and do a price check every five minutes.

Scalpers love Packer games

Scalpers love Packer games

3. The main Lambeau parking lot is almost half full at about this time. Where there are cars it’s packed with tailgaters. This is a “Milwaukee” game and I’ve been getting a feeling that the parking lot fills up more slowly for these games. probably because of the long drive. Then again, I don’t know why people sign up for parking passes if they’re not going to use them.

4. There’s one guy riding a bike around the lot and he has this huge gorilla costume where it looks like the gorilla is riding behind him on the bike. He’s having a ball with people getting their picture taken with him but he has a bucket on the front of the bike for tips. So making a few bucks was part of the schtick.
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Fluff Report From The Sept 8 Minnesota Vikings Game

by on Sep.09, 2008, under Commentary, Fluff report

Miscellaneous fluff from the Sept 9 Vikings game, in no particular order:

1. As usual, there were TONS of Viking fans in the stadium. Many of them were mixed couples, one would be a Packer fan and the other a Viking fan. I guess you’re going to get a fair amount of interbreeding when the fan bases are so close together. I’m still sore from a few years ago when the Milwaukee ticket package had the Vikings game and the Green Bay fans whined about the Milwaukee fans selling their tickets to Viking fans instead of going to the game. Seems the Green Bay ticket package likes to turn a profit too once in a while.

2. Speaking of profit, I stopped in the Scalper Pit about 30 minutes until game time. Lots of tickets were floating around; I asked one guy what he was selling them for and they were $125 each. I thought that was cheap, especially when they were starting for as much as $385/ticket in preceding months. My only thought was that if tickets were going to be that cheap now, they were going to use tickets to start the grill if the Packers started the season 0-2.

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