2011 Green Bay Packer Draft Prospects

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By Ghost Of Lambeau


Green Bay should have 9 draft picks going into the draft.  7 of their own, an extra seventh, and a compensation pick.  This is TT’s first draft as a Super Bowl winning GM.  The compensation pick is a 4th round for Kampman who signed with Jacksonville.  Everyone has GB taking a DE or OLB at the end of the first round.  I don’t think either of those are priorities.  Yes I know Jolly may never play again and Jenkins will probably walk.  But GB’s defense was at its best when Woodson and Shields were on the field together and they played only two DL.  The guys they can’t compensate so easily for are on the OL and at WR.  Either you have them or you don’t.  A reduction in talent there could slow the offense considerably.  And GB has needs in both areas and I would expect them to address both early.  All the statistics shown are from the 2010 season.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the draft.  No matter how it turns out, it gave us all something to think about. 


As usual:

1)      I am limited to the same media most of you have access to.

2)      I don’t get to talk with any player.

3)      The ones I like more are in BLUE.

4)      And I am trying to find players I think would benefit only the Packers.



WR’s followed by OL and RB needs headline GB’s offensive needs.  OT Tauscher probably doesn’t return, OG Colledge may be allowed to walk, and at WR Driver’s and/or Jones may not be back.  And at RB, it depends on a few things.  Jackson’s return or not, Grant’s recovery, and how the coaches think Starks can learn.  It is hard to believe that GB won a Super Bowl with all the uncertainty. 


QB:  This is only a need if GB trades Flynn.  There are some college QBs who won’t appear here because they don’t have the measurables, stats, or intangibles IMO.   Height, intelligence, speed, and ability are what they are.  Arm strength, and overall strength can be improved.  Perhaps the most important variable for this position is the mental side.  Is the guy a student of the game, tough when the going gets tough, willing to put time in film study?  The wild card is in understanding and running an NFL offense.  My take on the big 4 and those candidates I think might work for GB:

                Here are the four who expect to be starts soon and GB does not need:

1)      Cameron Newton, Aub, QB, 6-6, 250 – Key stats – 182.1 passer rating & 66.1% completion rate, 30 TDs, 7 int.

He has a lot of physical tools to work with.  However, whoever drafts him gets him, his dad, and his attitude.  The question for me is can he apply himself to study an NFL play book.  And right now I say no thanks.  Besides, GB won’t have a decision to make here anyway. 

2)      Jake Locker, WA, QB, 6-3, 230 – Key stats – 127.4 eff. Rating, 56.6% comp, 17 TDs, 9 interceptions.

A year ago Jake would have been a hands down first round pick.  This year he comes with questions.  I think he was the victim of players graduating.  Give him some better players and see what happens.  He also took more of a beating this past year.  He needs to take more care of his body.  I don’t know how he prepares for games.  That could be the difference maker in his pro career. 

3)      Mallett, Ryan, AR, QB, 6-6, 238 – Key stats – 170.5 eff. Rating, 66.5% comp, 30 TDs, 11 interceptions.

Ryan has some off field issues.  Is it enough to affect his draft stock?  We will find out.  What we do know is that he has outstanding physical capabilities.  If his head doesn’t get in the way, he will have the chance to have a good pro career.  In GB his mobility – or lack of it – will be an issue.  GB won’t have a decision to make here either. 

4)      Blaine Gabbert, MO, QB, 6-5, 235 – Key stats – 127.0 eff. Rating, 63.4% comp, 16 TDs, 9 interceptions.

Gabbert played in a less talented offense than the year before and he did it hurt.  So I consider his stats more than acceptable.  He plays a lot like Ben Roethlisberger.  He is a hard worker with no off field issues I’m aware of.   


Solid Performers GB could draft:

5)      Greg McElroy, AL, QB, 6-3, 225 – Key stats – 166.9 eff. Rating, 70.6% comp, 19 TDs, 5 Interceptions

If TT thinks that Flynn has another year in GB and he is gone, I hope that Greg is drafted to replace him.  He is smart, will prepare well for games, knows how to win, was a QB for a national champion, in other words just like Flynn.  His arm isn’t the strongest, but that is something that can be improved – just ask a guy named Aaron Rodgers. 

6)      Colin Kaepernick, NV, QB, 6-6, 225 – Key stats – 154.2 eff. Rating, 65.3% comp, 20 TDs, 7 Interceptions

Colin is as big as Gabbert, but Colin is a lot more mobile.  He makes good decisions with the ball.  He is smart, studies the game, and is prepared on game day.  In college he ran a lot, but at the Senior Bowl made a good impression with his passing skills.  That also showed during the game as well.  He can be my QB any day. 

7)      Andy Dalton, TCU, QB, 6-3, 220 – Key stats – 163.9 eff. Rating, 66.3% comp, 23 TDs, 6 Interceptions

Andy has some skill development to achieve to become an NFL starter.  However, good intangibles and a competitive attitude help define him as a guy who has a chance at the pro level. 

8)      Ricky Stanzi, IA, QB, 6-4, 230 – Key stats – 160.5 eff. Rating, 64.8% comp, 25 TDs, 4 Interceptions

He is a tough competitor who played in a pro style college offense.  He took snaps from under center, in the shot gun, used play action, drops back well, and used roll out type passes.  He doesn’t get rattled either.  I like what he brings. 


A small school prospect I think can make it:

9)      Pat Devlin, Delaware, QB, 6-4, 222 – Key stats – 155.4 eff. Rating, 65.4% comp, 22 TDs, 2 int.

Pat has good size and stats.  I think he has NFL tools and is mobile for his size.  He will need some technique work.  I think he should be invited as an undrafted free agent.  However, there is a chance he could be drafted. 


RB:  If they take a RB and which one they take will depend on a couple of things.  Grant’s injury recovery and how they view his contract – the two could be connected.  How much they think Starks can improve in pass blocking.  And that might impact how much they value Jackson’s non-running ability – pass catching and pass blocking among them.  It is clear TT likes a bigger running back.  If he wanted to go for a back under 6-0, there is another tier of guys to look at.  So do they need a starter or backup?  Only TT knows:

The best RB in this draft – IMO:

1)      Mikel Leshoure, IL, RB, 6-0, 230 – YPG 131.2, YPC 6.05, TD 17, 40T 4.51.

Mikel is one tough, productive RB with just enough speed and size to suite GB.  If he is there at the end of the first round he would be hard to pass up.  He is probably borderline first round. 

2)      Mark Ingram, AL, RB, 5-10, 215 – YPG 79.6, YPC 5.54, TD 13, 40T 4.44.

A little faster than Mikel, but is a tough runner.  And he runs in a pro style offense.  Mark has a small injury history.  Any team drafting him will do their best to be sure he has a future. 


Those GB has a chance at:

3)      Ryan Williams, VA T, RB, 5-10, 202 – Key stats – YPG 48.1, YPC 4.33, TD 9, 40T 4.43

Some list this guy as being 5-9.  He probably is not big enough for TT to draft.  In a good offense he should do better than his college numbers show. 

4)      Helu Jr., Roy, NE, RB, 6-0, 220 – Key stats – YPG 88.9, YPC 6.62, TD 11, 40T 4.54

A bigger back with some speed and his ypc shows it.  He will get some tough yards and break tackles. 

5)      Alex Green, HI, RB, 6-2, 230 – YPG 85.0, YPC 8.20, TD 18, 40T 4.52

He got a lot of his yards out of the shotgun, draw type plays.  But he has a good change of direction, and can catch short passes.  Broke some down field tackles, and I’ll bet that he can do that at the LOS in the pros. 

6)      Bilal Powell, Lou, RB, 6-0, 215 YPG 117.1, YPC 6.10, TD, 11, 40T 4.50

He seems to run faster than his 40 time.  He makes good cuts in the open field and looks very decisive. 

7)      Thomas, Daniel, KS St, RB, 6-2, 228 – YPG 124.6, YPC 5.40, TD, 16, 40T 4.60

Somehow this guy improved last year.  He did not show as well the year before.  Last year he ran instinctively, but strained his quad on his pro day.  He did not run at the combine. 

8)      Murray, DeMarco, OK, RB, 6-1, 207 YPG 86.2, YPC 4.40, TD, 14, 40T 4.44

He is a versatile athlete who has rotated with other RBs over his college career.  He catches passes, picks up blitzes, and runs the ball.  He is smart according to what I read as well.  He didn’t have quite the year I thought he might, but Oklahoma lost linemen over the last year or two as well. 


One Small School Guy:

9)      Taiwan Jones, E WA, RB, 6-1, 200 – YPG 145.2, YPC 7.68, TD 14, 40/T 4.48

There is a lot to like here.  He has big stats at a D1-AA school.  He also has the size TT likes.  If he can avoid injury, he would fit what GB does just fine. 



WR:  Jones is a FA and drops passes.  Driver is old and gets injured.  Swain is young, but dropped one of the biggest chances he had in the SB (luckily GB still won).  And if that were not enough, there is this little issue about a return game.  What will GB do?  They don’t let me into the war room when they discuss this stuff.  But I would think they will replace at least one of the WRs.  So here are some guesses:

Those that GB won’t have a chance at:

1)      AJ Green, GA, WR, 6-4, 212 – Key stats – REC 57, YDS 848, TD 9, YPC 15.8, 40T 4.48

Green gets incredible separation.  He doesn’t seem to drop many balls and knows what to do after he catches it.  He would add explosiveness to the offense, but he won’t be available to GB.  And I think it would cost GB to much to move up.

2)      Julio Jones, AL, WR, 6-4, 220 – Key stats – REC 78, YDS 1133, TD 7, YPC 14.5, 40T 4.50

If it were possible for GB to get this guy, and I don’t think it will be, this is the one guy I would want for GB out of this draft.  He knows how to get open and get yards after the catch.  He is about the same type of player as Green is, but where he goes depends on who takes whom in the top part of the draft.  I don’t think he goes below number 20 in the first round. 


Those GB could have a shot at:

3)      Pettis, Austin, BOS, WR, 6-3, 201 – Key stats – REC 59, YDS 804, TD 9, YPC 13.63, 40T 4.56

This guy has hands that balls stick to like fly paper.  He makes over the shoulder catches, catches in traffic, etc.  He is one of the reasons that Boise State put up lots of points during the season. 

4)      Hankerson, Leonard, MiaFL, WR, 6-3, 205 – Key stats – REC 66, YDS 1085, TD 12, YPC 16.4, 40T 4.54

This guy is probably a 2nd round pick.  He did well at the Senior Bowl in both the practices and the games.  He also had a good pro day.  His season stats aren’t bad either.  In college he looked like a pro WR.  He made catches over the middle, on the outside, away from his body, and the difficult catches as well. 

5)      Torrey Smith, MD, WR, 6-1, 200 – Key stats – REC 65, YDS 1045, TD 12, YPC 16.1, 40T 4.41

He is a bigger version of Titus Young.  He is as much of a receiving threat as his a return threat.  This guy is tougher than Young.  And if everything goes right for GB, he could be there at the end of the first round. 

6)      Jonathan Baldwin, Pitt, WR, 6-5, 230 – Key stats – REC 53, YDS 822, TD 5, YPC 15.5, 40T 4.50

Let’s see, a big guy with some speed, has some off the field issues, could be more mature …. Oh yes, Finley & Quarless fit that profile.  If TT got him, he would be well on his way to creating 6-5 receiving group.  Did I say he is good? 

7)      Greg Salas, HI, WR, 6-2, 200 – Key stats – REC 119, YDS 1889, TD 14, YPC 15.8, 40T 4.52

He is fast enough, and he isn’t afraid to go over the middle and is hard to bring down.  More often than not when I watched him play, he would run thru an arm tackle.  He makes tough catches in traffic.  It is easy to see how he might replace Jones.   

8)      Young, Titus, BOS, WR, 5-11, 170 – Key stats – REC 65, YDS 1151, TD 9, YPC 17.7, 40T 4.39 

Titus solves the small WR role that Driver holds, and the KR role that no one does well on the present roster.  I don’t know if can go over the middle like Driver did, but making the catch and producing yards after it is an area he excels in.  He would be a nice, explosive player to add to the mix. 

9)      Kris Durham, GA, WR, 6-5, 211 – Key stats – REC 46, YDS 1154, TD 8, YPC 25.1, 40T 4.60 

Kris is the number two receiver to AJ Green.  He is tall and plays faster than his 40 time.  He runs by guys in college.  I noticed him when I tuned in to watch AJ among others.  He catches the ball away from his body and can make the tough catch.  GB should be able to get him in the 7th round if he is as much under the radar as I think he is. 


TE:  Finley should be back.  Quarless has shown there is some hope.  And Crabtree played well enough for a 3rd guy.  Technically, they don’t need a draft pick here.  But I don’t know the vision TT has for the position either.  We will see what they do.  This draft is blessed with some guys who are relatively well rounded at the position and who have the size and speed GB likes.  Here are some choices based on recent history:

1)      Kendricks, Lance, WI, TE, 6-4, 241 – Key stats – REC 39, YDS 627, TD 5, YPC 16.0, 40T 4.65

He runs well, catches the ball, and blocks well enough.  He isn’t as tall, some listed him as 6-3.  However, he fits what GB does well.  He is my top TE for the Pack in this draft. 

2)      Housler, Rob, FL Atl, TE, 6-5, 248 – Key stats – REC 39, YDS 629, TD 4, YPC 16.1, 40T 4.46

Has top end TE speed.  Also does enough other things well.  He is my #2 TE for the Pack. 

3)      Daniel Hardy, ID, TE, 6-6, 249 – Key stats – REC 32, YDS 545, TD 1, YPC 17.0, 40T 4.78

Somehow I think this guy will work in GB in spite of his timed speed.  He just manages to get open and make plays.  He is an acceptable blocker. 

4)      Julius Thomas, Port St, TE, 6-5, 246 – Key stats – REC 29, YDS 453, TD 2, YPC 15.6, 40T 4.64

I know – a division 1AA guy.  But he has good speed and has impressed scouts.  Some who have put him in the top 10 of TE’s in this draft.  He would need more strength and work at blocking, but he has plenty to work with. 

5)      Virgil Green, NV, 6-5, 240 – Key stats – REC 31, YDS 453, TD 5, YPC 14.6, 40T 4.54

While he has very good speed, he is a little light and will need more strength.  But he has a good up side. 

6)      Brett Brackett, PA St, TE, 6-6, 248 – Key stats – REC 37, YDS 497, TD 5, YPC 13.4, 40T 4.65

Yes, another Penn State guy.  Quarless the second if you think he will improve.    

7)      Schuylar Oordt, N IA, TE, 6-6, 261 – Key stats – REC 24, YDS 405, TD 3, YPC 16.9, 40T 4.63

He is my favorite small school prospect.  If he isn’t drafted in the 6th or 7th round, GB could get him as a undrafted free agent.  Like the other small school guys, he brings a lot of good things to the table, but will need to work on strength and blocking technique to stick. 

8)      Mike Higgins, NE-Om, TE, 6-5, 242 – Key stats – REC 39, YDS 600, TD 7, YPC  15.4, 40T 4.70

He is a good small school prospect, but is a long shot to be drafted. 

9)      Stephen Skelton, Fordham, TE, 6-5, 252 – Key stats – REC 63, YDS 634, TD 6, YPC  10.1, 40T 4.78

He has a lot of catches, but his slower speed did not allow him to do more with his opportunities.  Another long shot to be drafted. 


OC:  Spitz is probably gone.  Wells is the starter.  And the backup could be Nick McDonald.  Functionally, GB will probably take a guy who can also play G if they need a possibility that can play center.  If TT decides we need one, here are some candidates. 

1)      O’Dowd, Kristofer, USC,  C, 6-5, 300 – Key stats – Bench 31, Arm length 32.25

If he can stay healthy, he has a chance a very good NFL career.  He has been nicked up for parts of the last 3 seasons.   Technique wise he could start immediately.  Physically, he needs to toughen up. 

2)      Stefen Wisniewski, PA St, G/C, 6-3, 313 – Key stats – Bench 30, Arm Length 33.00

Some say he is the best combination of center/guard in the draft.  He has played both left and right guard positions.  At center, he can snap both conventional and from the shot gun.  He is very versatile.  For GB that might mean more than a starting caliber tackle at this point.  Especially with the Colledge situation.  He could be available at the end of round one. 

3)      Lamaak, Ben, IA St, G/C, 6-4, 315 – Key stats – Bench 26, Arm length 31.75

For sure in some respects a developmental player.  But he is competitive and quick.  Some project him to G.  In fact, he has played both guard positions and center.  Snapping the ball isn’t an issue.  Will need to learn NFL blocking techniques. 

4)      Nagy, Bill, WI, G, 6-3, 318 – – Key stats – Bench DNP, Arm length DNP

I just like the way he plays.  But he really isn’t a guard.  Played well for the Badgers. 


Small School Guy:

5)      Brandon Fusco, Slippery Rock, G/C, 6-4, 306 – Key stats – Bench 26, Arm length 33.75

The good news is he has the size, athletic ability, and intelligence to play at the pro level.  The bad news is he has a ton of technique work to get done to play at the NFL level.  Non-the-less, scouts are looking at the 2nd round as the earliest he will be drafted.  This guy isn’t sneaking up on anyone.  GB seems to be better suited for guys who are more ready to go – but that may just be my perception. 


OG:  GB may need a starter here.  Colledge may be allowed to walk in free agency.  Sitton will hold down the other spot and is consistent and durable.  We will find out how TJ Lang and Nick McDonald are viewed by TT.  Here are some GB may consider this year: 

1)      Mike Pouncey, FL,  C/G, 6-4, 310 – Key stats – Bench DNP, Arm length 32.25

He will be long gone by the time we pick at #32.  He is as good as it gets on the interior of the OL in this draft.  He has played and can back up all three positions or start at any of them. 

2)      Benjamin Ijalana, Villanova, G/T, 6-4, 317 – Key stats – Bench DNP, Arm length 36.00

There is some disagreement about if this guy is a G or T.  You can find arguments for each.  Most agree that he is a strong blocker and dominated his level of competition as a T.  However, the speed of the NFL will take him some getting used to.  But a good prospect anyway. 

3)      Moffitt, John, WI, G/T, 6-5, 323 – Key stats – Bench 23, Arm length 33.00

John is a pure G – although he has played some T.  He can also play C and may project to that for some teams.  He is a rugged, dependable player who could replace Colledge. 

4)      Clint Boling, GA, G/T, 6-5, 310 – Key stats – Bench 28, Arm length 33.25.

Clint is another good, dependable, consistent, and smart player who knows the game of football.  But he has average athletic ability.  Still he doesn’t give up and finishes blocks. 

5)      Zach Hurd, CT, G/T, 6-7, 323 – Key stats – Bench 17, Arm length 34.25

This guy is also listed at Tackle by some.  But most thinks that OG is his NFL position.  Good physical tools to work with.  But he will be a project at the pro level.  Technique, strength, and playing in control are things he will need to work on.  He is a little taller than TT normally drafts at this position, but he is a physical player. 

6)      Williams, Keith, NE, G, 6-5, 310 – Key stats – Bench 23, Arm length 32.38

Keith has good technique, skill, and athleticism.  His problems are between the ears.  Some say he is inconsistent, takes plays off, etc.  I thought he looked just fine when I watched him. 

7)      Boren, Justin, OSU, G, 6-3, 320 – Key stats – Bench 28, Arm length 32.00

He has a lot of raw material to work with.  Some think he has good technique wise.  His problems appear to be physical and athletic.  I thought he played well. 

8)      Ray Dominguez, AR, G, 6-4, 329 – Key stats – Bench 21, Arm length 34.00

Ray was a tackle in college, but some think he is probably a G in the pros.  Sound familiar?  That would be Colledge when he was first drafted.  Anyway, run blocking is something he does well.  We could use help there. 

9)      Mike Person, Montana St, G/T, 6-5, 299 – Key stats – Bench 21, Arm length 32.75

The Packers were looking into this guy, so I did some reading on the net about him.  He is athletic and loves the game of football.  The obvious thing to work on will be strength.  But he has the frame to build it.  His coach said he was very instinctive and anticipates a lot.  Still Montana State is a long way from the NFL. 

10)   DeMarcus Love, AR, G, 6-5, 315 – Key stats – Bench 27, Arm length 35.25

Love is considered the leader of the OL in college.  Good character guy who can play and has the right dimensions for a GB T.  Except he can’t handle speed rushers.  So in the pros he will have to move inside where he can get help if need be. 



OT:  GB needs depth badly – and possibly a starter this year.  I wrote that last year (2010) and it still applies this year.  Breno G. and Barbre are no longer around.  Lang either is a backup or starter – I don’t know which or at what position.  It is a good bet Tauscher won’t be around next year.  Bulaga took his spot.  Clifton will return but durability and age are issues.  Newhouse hurt his back and there are no public updates on his progress.  A wild card here is Chris Campbell.  I would not surprise me to see GB take 1 this year.  It should be noted that none of the draft prospects at tackle come as sure things in the NFL.  They all have some warts here and there.  Here is a list I think are best fits for GB.

                Those getting all the press:

1)      Carimi, Gabe, WI, T, 6-7, 327 – Key stats – Bench 38, Arm length 36.00

I think his lateral quickness is better than he has been given credit for.  He looks to be tough competitor.  Can definitely move people in the short yardage running game – where GB struggles at times. 

Those GB has a chance at:

2)      Derek Sherrod, MS St, T, 6-6, 305 – Key stats – Bench 34, Arm length 36.25

Derek plays fairly well in college.  He will need to get stronger to push defenders at the next level.  As it was he depended to much on walling off in college.  But all his problems can be fixed – he has the frame. 

3)      Franklin, Orlando, MiaFL, T, 6-7, 312 – Key stats – Bench 26, Arm length 33.25

When you think of this guy, think of Breno – the difference is this guy can play.  At least he did in college.  Can’t get either of the first 2 above, get this guy.  He will have some technique work to do, but he should be ok. 

4)      Brewer, James, IN, T, 6-8, 335 – Key stats – Bench 23, Arm length 34.25

Brewer has all the measurables.  He lacks technique in many phases.  He is considered a developmental player at the pro level and could start in a year or two.  Oddly enough the Packers were highlighted by pro football weekly as one of the teams that he could do best with.   

5)      Marcus Gilbert, FL, T, 6-5, 320 – Key stats – Bench 21, Arm length 34.00

He played well in college and is tough enough.  He is hard for defenders to get around.  He is a good character guy.  And he has the size that TT would draft.  I don’t know if he makes it to the end of the third round. 

6)      Jah Reid, UCF, T, 6-7, 326 – Key stats – Bench 28, Arm length 34.38

Jah has a lot of good tools.  He needs to develop overall strength and work on technique to be a pro starter.  Loves the game and is a good team guy as evidenced by his being a team captain. 

7)      Kyle Hix, TX, 6-7, 320 – Key stats – Bench DNP, Arm length DNP

For some reason I liked the way this guy played.  He doesn’t get any press but he was very consistent when I watched him.  I don’t know if that spoke to the competition level or his skill.  I’m sure he has plenty to work on to be a player on Sundays, but seems like a good late round prospect.

8)      Darius Morris, Tem, G, 6-4, 318 – Key stats – Bench DNP, Arm length DNP

It is the same for this guy.  Except maybe he comes as an undrafted FA. 

A few small school guys who look the part:

I watched a little video of each of them.  They come recommended by others.  They seem like reasonable prospects and employ a simplified version of zone blocking.  So we will see …………..

9)      Trevis Turner, Ab Chris, T, 6-7, 342

10)   David Mims, VA Union, T, 6-8, 331

11)   Curt Porter, Jacksonville St, T, 6-7, 315

12)   Michael Arndt, N DA St, T, 6-6, 310




GB’s defense has in essence had a pre-draft draft.  At DE, when Jolly was suspended, and Mike Neal, and Justin Harrell went on IR, the Pack picked up former Jet Howard Green and re-signed Jarius Wynn.  In addition rookie CJ Wilson also came thru.  At LB, when Nick Barnett, Brandon Chillar, Brandon Jones, and Brady Poppinga went on IR, the Pack got big time play from backup Desmond Bishop and rookie Frank Zombo.  The Pack also signed 3 guys, one of them Eric Walden was NFC DPOW.  In the defensive backfield, rookie starter Morgan Burnett and backup Derrick Martin was put on IR, Al Harris could not recover and was released, so GB goes and activates Atari Bigby, signs Anthony Smith, starts rookie Sam Shields, backup Charlie Peprah, and moves Woodson to rover in a nickel configuration.  All came thru and got better as the season went on.  And all will be back.  Right now there are more players than roster spots.  So will GB draft any?  We will find out. 


DE:  GB added Mike Neal and CJ Wilson last year in the draft and signed Howard Green.  All will return next year and with other who they have are not in a desperate need for a DE.  Also, GB played a 2-4-5 scheme for many snaps last year.  So does GB need any?  TT has surprised us before.  I assume they will want a guy and that it will be in the first 3 rounds. 

                Under the ‘We can dream department’:

1)       Marcell Dareus, AL, DE, 6-4, 306 – Key stats: TT 33, TFL 11, Sacks 5, QBP 10

He is everything you could ask for in a 3-4 DE.  Trouble is he won’t be in GB.  He is a top 5 pick. 

2)      Nick Fairley, Aub, DE, 6-5, 298 – Key stats: Tot TT 60, TFL 24, Sacks 12, QBP 21

He had a really good season, but he played at a high level for only one year.  Some question his attitude.  Call him the Cam Newton of the DL. 

3)      Da’Quan Bowers, Clem, DE, 6-4, 275 – Key stats: Tot TT 67, TFL 25, Sacks 16, QBP 19

He applied a lot of pressure at Clemson.  In spite of a late season injury he will be gone well before GB picks. 

4)      JJ Watt, WI, DE, 6-6, 292 – Key stats: Tot TT 61, TFL 20, Sacks 7, QBP 10

Watt is a former TE who changed positions and now finds himself in the first round of the NFL draft.  He was good at batting balls down and would have made a good Jolly replacement.  He is an ideal 3-4 DE. 


DEs GB could have a chance at:

5)      Cameron Jordan, CAL, DE, 6-4, 282 – Key stats: Tot TT 62, TFL 13, Sacks 6, QBP 1

There is some debate if he will be around at #32.  He may go higher.   

6)      Corey Liuget, IL, DE, 6-3, 300 – Key stats: Tot TT 63, TFL 13, Sacks 5, QBP 10

I list this guy because of his production.  If he truly is 6-3, GB may want a taller DE for their 3-4 scheme. 

7)      Muhammad Wilkerson, Tem, DE, 6-5, 305 – Key stats: Tot TT 70, TFL 13, Sacks 10, QBP 2

He is another ideal 3-4 DE.  TT could take him at the end of the 1st round.  I don’t think he will last thru the 2nd round. 

8)      Adrian Clayborn, IA, DE, 6-4, 285 – Key stats: Tot TT 51, TFL 7, Sacks 4, QBP 6

Clayborn is a high energy, relentless type of player.  However, he has some issues.  One is a medical condition called Erbs palsy and has some nerve damage in neck.  Questions are still unanswered as to why he didn’t bench at the combine or play in the senior bowl.  Sounds a little like buyer beware. 

9)      Heyward, Cameron, OSU, DE, 6-5, 288 – Key stats: Tot TT 42, TFL 10, Sacks 3, QBP 1

His game is power & strength.  Hopefully that is enough at the NFL level.  He seems to play better when he gets ticked off at someone.  In the NFL there are refs for that. 

10)   Christian Ballard, IA, DE, 6-5, 297 – Key stats: Tot TT 40, TFL 4, Sacks 2, QBP 0

Not very disruptive compared to the others, but has tools.  He is considered very versatile.  That would be a blessing given the injury list last year. 

11)   Bailey, Allen, MiaFL, DE, 6-4, 285 – Key stats: Tot TT 43, TFL 11, Sacks 7, QBP 3

Allen is a disruptive guy.  Generally positive things are said about him.  But technique will be something that he will need to work on at the NFL level. 

12)   Pernell McPhee, MS St, DE, 6-4, 285 – Key stats: Tot TT 32, TFL 10, Sacks 2, QBP 12

I have watched him play.  He is always around the ball.  He gets good penetration consistently.  He is one of the reasons Mississippi State has improved in the last couple of years.

13)   Pierre Allen, NE, DE, 6-4, 273 – Key stats: Tot TT 57, TFL 10, Sacks 4 QBP 12

If he can be more consistent, he will have a pretty good NFL career.  Otherwise he has enough tools to work with. 


Small school guy:

14)   Derrin Nettles, Morehouse, DL, 6-4, 305 – Key stats: Tot TT 60, TFL 28, Sacks 9 QBP 12

The guy dominated at his level.  Perhaps an invite to camp is in order.  TT?



NT:  Raji was a one man show last year at NT.  In a true 3-4, If Raji needed any help, either Howard Green or Pickett could help.    And with all the downs played from a 2-4 GB doesn’t need another NT.  But last year did not make sense – so this year may not make sense either. 

1)      Taylor, Phil, BAY, NT, 6-4, 355 – Key stats: TT  52, TFL 7, Sacks 2, QBP 2

I thought he was good to go.  But recently, x-rays showed some foot problems that could possibly limit his football career.   Maybe that will scare some teams away from him. 

2)      Kendrick Ellis, NT, Hampton, 6-5, 340 – Key stats: TT  94, TFL 15, Sacks 2, QBP 5

He is probably the next best thing to a true NT in this draft.  The problem is, how bad he wants it is being questioned.  There are those who think that he should have done more.  I don’t know – I didn’t see enough to make that call.  I think he could play DE at the pro level as well. 


OLB:  Many think this is the year GB gets “the other” OLB.  With all the acquired help this past year, I don’t think it is a requirement.  Height is not a requirement at OLB in the 3-4, but it doesn’t hurt – especially in shallow zone coverage.  What counts is being able to hold up against the run, rush the passer, and cover short passes.  The first two are what makes college DE’s who look like LB’s attractive to other teams.  Poppinga should be history this year.  We will se if TT takes any.

1)      Von Miller, TX A&M, OLB, 6-3, 246 – Key Stats: TT 68, TFL 18, S 11, QBH 6, PD 7, 40T 4.46

He is gone in the first round 

2)      Akeem Ayers, UCLA, OLB, 6-4, 255 – Key Stats: TT 68, TFL 10, S 4, QBH 0, PD 6, 40T 4.80

He could be there when GB picks.  He is maybe a little slower than ideal.  But he makes plays.    

3)      Brooks Reed, AZ, OLB, 6-3, 255 – Key Stats: TT 44, TFL 10, S 7, QBH 0, PD 2, 40T 4.68

He could also be there when GB picks in the first round.   He probably has the most upside to be an impact player.  Would be interesting to see what Green could do with him.  This player has been connected to the Packers by some guys think they know. 

4)      Jabaal Sheard, Pitt, OLB, 6-3, 264 – Key Stats: TT 52, TFL 15, S 9, QBH 4, PD 4, 40T 4.66

He has well and seems very quick.  I think he makes the transition to 3-4 LB if GB takes him.  He plays the run well.  I didn’t see him defend any passes – which can be said for most of these DE types. 

5)      Justin Houston, GA, OLB, 6-3, 255 – Key Stats: TT 67, TFL 20, S 11, QBH 2, PD 3, 40T 4.68

6)      Sam Acho, TX, OLB, 6-3, 260 – Key Stats: TT 58, TFL 17, S 9, QBH 16, PD 5, 40T 4.63

He was a DE in college.  He plays hard and doesn’t let up.  I think he is a 3-4 OLB in the pros. 

7)      Donty Moch, NV, OLB, 6-1, 248 – Key Stats: TT 61, TFL 22, S 9, QBH 2, PD 1, 40T 4.45 

He was a DE in college.  His size probably makes him a 3-4 OLB in the pros.  He will need to work on moves and defending passes.  But he has good instincts. 

8)      Bruce Miller, UCF, OLB, 6-2, 255 – Key Stats: TT 55, TFL 12, S 7, QBH 18, PD 4, 40T 4.82

He is a high effort guy with good instincts and who doesn’t stay blocked.  His speed could be better.  Functionally he was good speed wise in college. 

9)      Steven Friday, VA T, OLB, 6-4, 250 – Key Stats: TT 64, TFL 15, S 9, QBH 18, PD 1, 40T 4.66

He was a DE in college.  But again, he was disruptive and given the way he plays and body type, I think he projects to a 3-4 OLB in the pros. 

10)   Lavarias, Aaron, ID, OLB, 6-3, 255 – Key Stats: TT 52, TFL 17, S 10, QBH 10, PD 2, 40T DNP

I saw him play once.  He always seemed to be around the ball.  Perhaps he is a late round prospect. 


Small School Guys:

The first two guys fit GBs profile fairly well. 

11)   Mario Addison, Troy, OLB, 6-3, 254 – Key Stats: TT 47, TFL 16, S 11, QBH 3, PD 1

12)   Jake Coffman, NI, OLB, 6-5, 255 – Key Stats: TT 46, TFL 17, S 10, QBH 1, PD 2

13)   Malcolm Jenkins, Eliz City St, DL, 6-5, 235 – Key Stats: TT 38, TFL 16, S 11, QBH 20, PD 6

14)   Jacob Hardwick, Alb St, LB, 6-3, 270 – Key Stats: TFL 22, S 13

He will have to remake himself to play in the pros.  But desire, hard work, etc. are things he apparently thrives on. 

15)   Keith Darbut, Baldwin-Wallace, DE/OLB, 6-4, 229 – Key Stats: TFL 15 S 11, QBH 10, 40T 4.38

This guy’s speed is going to get him a look somewhere.  He will need to get stronger and maybe heavier to ply OLB in the pros.  I also don’t know anything about his pass coverage skills.  But he did catch some passes on offense as well.  There are some possibilities here. 



ILB:  Hawk & Bishop became the effective starters.  That means something will have to be done with Nick Barnett – probably trade him.  That would open a spot in the inside.  Size wise, about 6-1 and 240 is where it starts.  All these guys were LB’s in college.

1)      Martez Wilson, IL, OLB, 6-4, 250 – Key Stats: TT 112, TFL 12, S 4, QBH 4, PD 5, 40T 4.42

No questioning his aggressiveness.  The question is can he play smarter and with better technique.  I know his stats look good, but I question if some of the stuff he did in college will work in the pros.  But, he is the fastest LB in this draft. 

2)      Quan Sturdivant, NC, ILB, 6-1, 241 – Key Stats: TT 49, TFL 7, S 2, QBH 0, PD 1, 40T 4.60

TT seems to draft LBs starting at 6-2 in height.  Although Quan is shorter, he shows enough to play in the NFL.  He skill set fits GB.   He played inside and outside in college.  He is just a good football player. 

3)      McCarthy, Colin, MiaFL, LB, 6-2, 240 – Key Stats: TT 105, TFL 9, S 1, QBH 4, PD 2, 40T 4.59

Colin is a productive LB who probably plays on the inside in GBs defense.  Like other LB’s in this draft, he is competitive and intense player.  He could play outside or inside in a pro 3-4 defense. 

4)      Kelvin Sheppard, LSU, LB, 6-3, 239 – Key Stats: TT 108, TFL 11, S 4, QBH 2, PD 3, 40T 4.65

He played college ball in a 4-3 defense, but is disruptive enough play in a pro 3-4 defense.  He has experience playing both inside and outside.

5)      Matthews, Casey, OR, LB, 6-2, 235 – Key Stats: TT 73, TFL 9, S 3, QBH 3, PD 5, 40T 4.76

Every Packer fan’s favorite and the brother of Casey.  All he did was make plays when I saw him.  In the NFL he plays on the inside because of his size & speed.    

6)      Chris White, MS St, LB, 6-4, 245 – Key Stats: TT 105, TFL 16, S 6, QBH 0, PD 3, 40T 4.68

This guy I like.  He makes plays all over the field.  May need some work to cover receivers.  I did not see much of that from him.  He is a solid guy. 

7)      Donald, Archie, Toledo, LB, 6-2, 235 – Key Stats: TT 127, TFL 16, S 3, QBH 2, PD 8, 40T 4.82

I was surprised to find this guy was so slow.  He doesn’t play that slow.  So I don’t know if something was bothering him when he ran or what.  But this guy is a play maker.  His height and speed are going to make him available in the latter rounds. 

8)      K.J. Wright, MS St, LB, 6-4, 250 – Key Stats: TT 98, TFL 9, S 1, QBH 1, PD 5, 40T DNP

He is another Mississippi State player who makes plays.  I don’t know what his 40 time is, but he seemed to hang with receivers ok. 

9)      Mark Herzlich, BC, LB, 6-4, 238 – Key Stats: TT 119, TFL 12, S 2, QBH 1, PD 6, 40T 4.97

Mark has battled bone cancer and overcame it.  Assuming he is healthy and in shape, I would think he could be a very good player for the Packers.  At the combine there was some question about if he was ok.  And his 40 time brought that into question.  I’ll just have to say that in TT we trust and leave it at that. 


CB:  GB needed help here last year and found it in undrafted Sam Shields.  Successful draftees need to have the following traits;  not afraid to hit, can cover, speed, quickness, and have the size to play against the bigger WRs coming into the league.  5-11 seems to be the smallest TT goes.  GB is also high on Josh Gordy – another FA pick up.  If he proves to be good, I don’t think GB needs another CB.  GB likes cover guys who are ball hawks and can tackle if need be.   Here a few to consider anyway:

1)      Patrick Peterson, LSU, CB, 6-1, 222 – Key Stats: TT 42, PD 10, INT 4, 40T 4.32

Forget it.  He is gone in the first round.  But I can’t help but wonder what GBs defense would be like with him. 

2)      Amukamara, Prince, NE,  CB, 6-1, 205 – Key Stats: TT 58, PD 13, INT 0, 40T 4.37

He should be gone in the first round. 

3)      Smith, Jimmy, CO,  CB, 6-2, 205 – Key Stats: TT 70, PD 5, INT 0, 40T 4.38

Character issues may cause this guy to fall.  Otherwise he is considered a good CB prospect.  He has all the tools anyway.  GB already has Brandon Underwood who has legal problems.  Taking Smith might be inviting more problems that TT wants. 

4)      Brandon Harris, Mia, CB, 5-11, 195 – Key Stats: TT 44, PD 11, INT 1, 40T 4.43

These next five are more likely players that GB would consider.  They have reasonable size, athletic ability, speed, and college production. 

5)      Davon House, NM St, CB, 6-1, 200 – Key Stats: TT 57, PD 12, INT 2, 40T 4.43

6)      Brandon Burton, UT, CB, 6-0, 185 – Key Stats: TT 51, PD 10, INT 2, 40T 4.50

7)      Chimdi Chekwa, OSU, CB, 6-0, 191 – Key Stats: TT 42, PD 11, INT 3, 40T 4.33

8)      Wright, Shareece, USC,  CB, 5-11, 185 – Key Stats: TT 73, PD 10, INT 0, 40T 4.46

9)      DeMarcus Van Dyke, Mia, CB, 6-1, 176 – Key Stats: TT 19, PD 7, INT 2, 40T 4.33

DeMarcus is not one of the five.  I didn’t see him tackle, but he runs well.  At the pro level he is a development guy.  But he looks and plays like Sam Shields.  So he is on the list and has similar speed.  He could be a late round pick for the Packers. 


Small School Guys:

10)   Buster Skrine, UT-Chattanooga, CB, 5-10, 186 – Key Stats: TT 39, PD 9, INT 1, 40T 4.29

11)   Ryan Jones, NW MO St, CB, 5-11, 197 – Key Stats: TT 56, PD 19, INT 6, 40T 4.42

12)   Josh Gatlin, ND St, CB, 6-0, 195 – Key Stats: TT 19, PD 11, INT 5, 40T 4.40 


S:  GB doesn’t need any depth if they keep what they have.  But if GB takes one, an S should have good ball skills, defend a pass, and hit hard.  This is a bad year for safeties from GBs point of view.  The better more productive ones have the speed of fast line backers.  They did not make the list.  TT’s drafting of Burnett last year I think provides a good data point here.  And GB could conceivably have a shot at any of them.  The bottom line here is that I think Bush has a job next year.  Here a few candidates to consider:

1)      Rahim Moore, UCLA, S, 6-1. 196 – Key stats: TT 77, PD 5, INT 1. 40T 4.53

2)      Deunta Williams, NC, S, 6-2, 215 – Key stats: TT 47, PD 3, INT 0. 40T 4.45

3)      Lefeged, Joe, Rut, DB, 6-1, 205 – Key stats: TT 84, PD 7, INT 1. 40T 4.42

4)      Jerrard Tarrant, GA T, 6-1, 205 – Key stats: TT 58, PD 6, INT 3. 40T 4.53

5)      Chris Rucker, MI St, CB/S, 6-1, 195 – Key stats: TT 61, PD 9, INT 2. 40T 4.55

6)      Chris Conte, CAL, DB, 6-3, 220 – Key stats: TT 72, PD 4, INT 1. 40T 4.56

7)      Da’Norris Searcy, NC, S, 5-11, 223 – Key stats: TT 36, PD 8, INT 4. 40T 4.54

8)      Gomes, DeJon, NE, DB, 6-0, 200 – Key stats: TT 93, PD 10, INT 3. 40T 4.47

9)      Chris Culliver, SC, CB, 6-1, 201 – Key stats: TT 34, PD 2, INT 0. 40T 4.45


Small School Guys:

10)   Eugene Clifford, Tennessee St, S, 6-2, 205 – Key stats: TT 83, PD 14, INT 4. 40T 4.52

11)   Anthony Walters, Delaware, S, 6-1, 200 – Key stats: TT 75, PD 15, INT 7. 40T DNP

12)   Mike Langhurst, Aurora, 6-2, 185 – Key stats: TT 30, PD 23, INT 10. 40T DNP

13)   Bill Doody, Ham-St, 6-3, 215 – Key stats: TT 53, PD 20, INT 4. 40T DNP

14)   Arkee Smith, Bethune-Cookman, S, 6-1, 190 – Key stats: TT 33, PD 9, INT 5. 40T DNP




Crosby is a free agent, if he isn’t signed then there will be a need for a guy.  Here are some candidates. 

1)     Henery, Alex, NE, K, 6-2, 175 – Key Stats:  19 Attempts, 94.7% made, Long 0f 53 yards

Henery is very accurate.  He kicks well in bad weather and in pressure situations.  He stays very composed when I saw him kick. 

2)      Kai Forbath, UCLA, 6-0, 198 – Key Stats:  18 Attempts, 72.2% made, Long 0f 51 yards

According to one article, inside the 50 he is very accurate – making 40 straight FGs at one point.  It is outside the 50 where problems start. 

3)      Josh Jasper, LSU, K/P, 5-11, 160 – Key Stats: 31 Attempts, 83.9% made, Long of 53 yards

The most accurate kicker in LSU history and a two time team captain.  Lacks hang time on kickoffs. 



This need has been met.  No need here.  But if GB decides to get one, here is one candidate: 

1)      Aaron Bates, MI St, P, 6-0, 200 – Key Stats:  45.2 Avg, 15 inside the 20, long of 69

This guy punts well in bad weather & was the team captain, has hang times over 4.40 (according to one scout), and is a solid person on and off the field.  The fact the punter is the team captain speaks volumes.   Packer people. 

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