The 2012 Green Bay NFL Draft

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by Ghost of Lambeau

I have been doing this since 2005. I enjoy putting this together. It allows me to do the things I like to do – think and analyze. Just so everyone understands, I am not a professional scout. In fact, I am limited to the same media most of you have access to. I don’t get to talk with any player. And, the goal is to find players that would benefit the Packers. Not any other team. Last year, 4 players from my list made the Packer roster. That is about par for the course.

This year GB will have some draft needs due to; the possible career ending injury to S Nick Collins, replacing free agents who signed with other teams like Scott Wells and QB Matt Flynn, and will need to address injury situations such as S Nick Collins. OT Derek Sherrod and RB Alex Green are also coming back from serious injuries. OT Chad Clifton and WR Donald Driver are still in GB. And RB Ryan Grant is still unsigned. Then there are those defensive improvements the Packers need to make. This all makes for an interesting draft. I think that the Pack will focus on ROLB first, followed by the DL and safety. That is my prediction and I’m sticking to it – until I get surprised in round one that is.


At this point it looks like Finley, Clifton, & Driver will all be back. Flynn & Wells are gone. and Alex Green & Sherrod due to injury, the needs on the offensive side of the ball could be small. The bet is that Green and Sherrod come back healthy. At least on the surface a backup QB, OC, and maybe a RB should do it. But we usually find out that there are deeper things going on in the Packer pre‐draft meetings.

Flynn won’t be a Packer next year. Assuming Graham Harrell takes over as the number two guy, GB will need one. They have
signed Nick Hill as a QB replacement candidate who was on my 2008 draft list. The appropriate candidate will have to be willing to wait & develop. Luck and Robert Griffin won’t be available for GB. Ryan Tannehill was a WR before playing QB and he has started only 19 games. He will be a project no matter where he is taken. There is a good chance he won’t be there in the first and GB won’t be looking at QB in the first even if he was there. So who’s left?

1) Kirk Cousins, MI St, 6‐3, 202 – Key stats – 151.3 eff. Rating, 65.1% comp, 24 TD’s, 7 Int. He is a 2nd or 3rd round pick. He is mobile, smart, accurate, and careful with the ball. That is this year’s mantra for available QBs. He is a 3 year team captain and the is the QB with the most wins in Michigan State history.

2) Russell Wilson, WI, 5‐11, 21 – Key stats – 201.6 eff. Rating, 72.5% comp, 31 TD’s, 3 Int. He is a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Had only one offseason to learn the Badger offense and lead it. He was also voted a team captain. He is a student of the game. He is very mobile, smart, accurate, and careful with the ball. Like Moore, he lacks ideal height. But he does everything well.

Russell Wilson tries to make it in the NFL

3) Kellen Moore, Boise State, 6‐0, 191 – Key stats – 176.7 eff. Rating, 74.1% comp, 41 TD’s, 7 Int. He is a 5th or 6th round pick. He is also the all time QB win leader with a 50‐3 record. He is very mobile, smart, accurate, and careful with the ball. He knows his offense and football in general – considered a coach on the field. He is a very high character guy. Height is his only major problem.

4) Case Keenum, Houston, 6‐2, 210 – Key stats – 177.8 eff. Rating, 71.7% comp, 45 TD’s, 5 Int. He is a 7th round pick. He is the QB with the most wins in Houston history. And he is the most productive passer in NCAA history. He is very mobile, smart, accurate, and careful with the ball.

5) Jarrett Lee, LSU, 6‐4, 210 – Key stats – 152.0 eff. Rating, 62.3% comp, 14 TD’s, 3 Int. He is an UDFA. He started some games early for LSU. I thought he looked good. I would take a chance on him – especially since he won’t have to play right away. He has enough tools to work with and develop.

6) Alex Thiry, St. Scholastica, 6‐4, 190 – Key State – 218.14 eff. Rating, 70.48% comp, 37 TD’s, 3 Int. He is an UDFA. When he talks in a press conference, he sounds like Rodgers. Carful with the ball, needs more arm strength, but that can be fixed. He studies film. He reads defenses at the LOS. Very high character guy. The play book will be a bit thicker in the pros, but I think he can pick it up.

7) Alex Tanney, Monmouth IL, 6‐3, 216 – Key State – 182.0 eff. Rating, 71.50% comp, 38 TD’s, 8 Int. He is an UDFA. He is a very high character guy. And it doesn’t hurt he is a very good QB. He should get a chance somewhere. All he did at Monmouth was win games.

Even if GB does not re‐sign Ryan Grant, they still have James Starks, Alex Green, and Brandon Saine. And if those three need
help, there is John Kuhn. So if GB takes one, he won’t be a starter. If GB wants to diversify the offense more, they should add a
change of pace guy ‐ someone who brings something not already on the roster. Trent Richardson should be gone before GB gets to
pick in the first round. Here are some other candidates:

1) David Wilson, VA Tech, 5‐10, 201 – Key stats – YPG 125.2 ypg, YPC 6.1, TD 9, 40T 4.49 He is a 2nd round pick. He has enough power to up the middle and enough speed to go wide. He is tough to bring down in the open field. While he provides all that, his pass catching skills and blocking skills are questionable.

2) Chris Polk, WA, 5‐11, 214 – YPG 111.8 ypg, YPC 5.10, TD 11, 40T 4.57 He is a 2nd or 3rd round pick. He is more of a power back than a shake & bake guy. But he can move a pile, is really good at catching the ball, but blocking skills are an unknown because I haven’t observed them. And I haven’t found any information on his blocking skills.

3) Gray, Cyrus, TX A&M, 5‐10, 198 – Key stats – YPG 98, YPC 5.3, TD 12, 40T 4.47 He is a 3rd or 4th round pick. He does have some shake & bake to him. He also possesses breakaway speed – something not seen in GB in some time. He is not big enough to be an every down back. And he has some ball security issues.

4) Ronnie Hillman, San Diego St, 5‐10, 190 – Key stats – YPG 131.6 ypg, YPC 5.60, TD 19, 40T 4.45 He is a 3rd or 4th round pick. He runs with good balance and is elusive in the open field. He needs to improve as a receiver and in his blitz pickup before he is ready to play.

5) Vick Ballard, MS St, 5‐11, 220 – Key stats – YPG 84.1, YPC 5.6, TD 8, 40T 4.65 Vick is a 5th or 6th round pick. He is productive in spite of his speed. And he is also one of the more NFL ready RB prospects this year with demonstrated performance in picking up the blitz, catching passes, and picking up 3rd downs. He just doesn’t have blazing speed.

6) Robert Turbin, Utah St, 5‐10, 216 – Key stats – YPG 118.0 ypg, YPC 6.2, TD 19, 40T 4.49 He is a 5th or 6th round pick. He is a power/speed guy. He is not afraid to hit or take a hit. But he runs upright and has an injury history – including being out all of the 2010 season with a torn ACL. However, he was the Western Athletic Conference player of year this past season.

7) Harden, Donte, Ohio, 5‐11, 182 – Key stats – YPG 82.2, YPC 5.30, TD 2, 40T 4.75 He is not projected. But on the field he doesn’t look 4.75 slow. He plays with energy and burst. I don’t know if it transfers to the NFL, but it would be interesting to find out.

8) Deante’ Purvis, UNLV, 5‐10, 198 – Key stats – YPG 85 (when given a complete game), YPC 6.10, TD NA, 40T 4.32 He is an UDFA. He is one heck of a return guy with speed. He plays RB, CB, and ST as a returner. He has rewritten the school record book as a returner and graduates with conference honors.

9) Nate Eachus, Colgate, 5‐10, 214 – Key stats – YPG 127, YPC 4.51, TD 6, 40T 4.56 He is an UDFA. He doesn’t come down with the first hit. He is patient to pick his way thru traffic. He has little moves that help him elude tackles. Catches passes out of the backfield. I am not sure he is even 5‐10 when I saw him play.

GB needs no WR this year. Even if Driver is released, there are two on the practice squad awaiting a position. However, I need
to list a few just in case TT forgets and has a bad draft day. Guys like Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd won’t be there when GB

1) Stephen Hill, GA Tech, 6‐4, 200 – Key stats – REC 26, YDS 785, TD 4, YPC 13.7, 40T 4.36 He is a projected late 1st round – early 2nd round pick. His size – speed combo is hard to ignore. Don’t be fooled by his 26 catches – they lead this run oriented team and he has 30.1 yards per catch. If McCarthy has him, no telling how many yards Rodgers would throw for. He could be an early round pick if TT is getting ready for life without Greg Jennings.

2) Brian Quick, App St, 6‐4, 222 – Key stats – REC 71, YDS 1096, TD 11, YPC 15.44, 40T 4.55
He is a projected 3rd or 4thround pick. He seems to catch the ball well, but I haven’t seen his every opportunity. From what I have seen, he makes difficult catches, fights for the balland runs routes similar to those of the Packers. I don’t think it would take long for him to catch on.

3) Marvin McNutt, Jr., Iowa, 6‐4, 215 – Key stats – REC 78, YDS 1296, TD 12, YPC 16.62, 40T 4.54
He is a 3rd or 4th round pick. He is a former QB who has really good field awareness. His strength is his ability to catch the ball in a crowd. He has good hands and gets yards after the catch. Hopefully he would be a better version of James Jones.

4) Chris Givens, Wake Forest, 6‐0, 195 – Key stats – REC 74, YDS 1276, TD 9, YPC 17.24, 40T 4.41
He is a 3rd or 4th round pick. His speed and strength is what separates him from others. Otherwise he is not a top tier athletic prospect. And his arms and hands are smaller than ideal. But, he makes plays – and that is hard to ignore.

5) B.J. Cunningham, MI St, 6‐2, 223 – Key stats – REC 72, YDS 1240, TD 12, YPC 17.22, 40T 4.59
He is a 6th or 7th round pick. He finished his Spartan career as the schools leader in receptions and receiving yards. He doesn’t have ideal speed but makes plays anyway. And he played all WR positions in college. Versatility and play making ability should make him a desirable Packer.

6) Jordan White, W MI, 5‐11, 208 – Key stats – REC 140, YDS 1911, TD 17, YPC 13.6, 40T 4.63
He is a 7th round pick. The lack of ideal speed at his size will hurt him. However, he is the guy who broke the records of someone named Greg Jennings at Western Michigan. Further, he is the all time Mid America Conference reception leader with 308 catches for 4187 yards. If he were a little faster he would be picked in the first three rounds.

7) Tyler Shoemaker, Boise St, 6‐1, 213 – Key stats – REC 59, YDS 959, TD 15, YPC 16.5, 40T 4.50
He is an UDFA. But every time I’ve seen him he was running away from someone. He was among the leaders nationally in both yards per catch (YPC) and percentage of TDs vs. number of receptions (PVR).

8) Tuinei, Lavasier, OR, 6‐5, 216 – Key stats – REC 40, YDS 441, TD 8 YPC 11.03, 40T 4.59
He is an UDFA. I liked what I saw when I watched him. The question is can he make catches and plays like I saw more often. I am betting he can with a better QB throwing the ball.

9) Thomas Mayo, CA‐PA, 6‐2, 207 – Key stats – REC 79, YDS 1359, TD 16, YPC 17.20, 40T 4.54
He is an UDFA. He is a small school guy but keeps making big plays. He is also among the national leaders in YPC and PVR. It would be interesting to see what this guy and the next two can do at the NFL level.

10) Mike Blodgett, Monmouth, 6‐0, 190 – Key stats – REC 126, YDS 1869, TD 18, YPC 14.82, 40T 4.59
He is an UDFA. He should be faster for his size. But he shows up every game and makes plays.

11) Michael Zweifel, Dubuque, 6‐1, 190 – Key stats – REC 140, YDS 1915, TD 25, YPC 13.68, 40T 4.56
He is an UDFA. He is a slightly taller version of Jordan White at a different level. Big play guy at his level.

Jermichael Finley re‐signed. The two year contract looks more like a one year ‘prove‐it’ contract. Last year the Packers drafted
two TEs ‐ DJ Williams and Ryan Taylor. Along with Quarless and Crabtree they do not need one. Williams was the 2010 season
Mackey Award winner. If they take one, it won’t be because they need one, it will be because they have 12 picks to make.

1) Coby Fleener, Stanford, 6‐6, 244 – Key stats – REC 32, YDS 648, TD 10, YPC 20.25, 40T 4.48
He is a 1st or 2nd round pick. One of this year’s best all‐round TEs. He has good hands and blocks well enough. He has
room to grow physically and technically.

2) Dwayne Allen, Clemson, 6‐5, 255 – Key stats – REC 48, YDS 577, TD 8, YPC 12.0, 40T 4.89
He is a 2nd or 3rdround pick and 2011 John Mackey Award winner. Aside from his durability is his versatility. He lines up
in multiple positions and can run routes from any of them. He blocks well on the run as well. He plays faster than his 40
time. Did I mention his durability? Anyway, this is a MM type TE from top to bottom.

3) Michael Egnew, MO, 6‐6, 240 – Key stats – REC 47, YDS 484, TD 3, YPC 10.30, 40T 4.62
He is a 2nd or 3rd round pick. His stats don’t show it but he is a better receiver than blocker. In 2010 he had 90
receptions when Gabbert was running the offense. But he lines up in multiple positions and is a good athlete. He isn’t a
terrible block but does have some room for improvement there. He has good hands and would make a good target for AR.

4) Orson Charles, GA, 6‐3, 241 – Key stats – REC 44, YDS 572, TD 5, YPC 13.0, 40T 4.64
He is a 3rd or 4thround pick and a Mackey Award finalist. This guy is also one of those versatile, lines up anywhere TE
that MM likes so much. His 44 receptions led the Bulldogs. He was also a team captain. And he is a pretty good
blocker. With guys like this around who needs FBs?

5) Hanna, James, OK, 6‐4, 237 – REC 25, YDS 363, TD 2, YPC 14.50, 40T 4.49
He is a 4th or 5thround pick. He was the most athletic TE at the combine. And he has enough speed to run by
linebackers. In that respect he would seem to be a good JF replacement. He was not a featured option in Sooner
offense. But his blocking is another matter. If he is on the field you will throw to him.

6) Kevin Koger, MI, 6‐4, 255 – Key stats – REC 21, YDS 235, TD 4, YPC 11.20, 40T 4.78
He is a 5th or 6thround pick. He is a good combination blocker and receiver. He was a check down option at Michigan.
But he catches well when given the chance and is a very good blocker who serves as an H‐Back type TE. He would seem
to be a good fit for the Packers.

7) Brian Linthicum, MI St, 6‐5, 243 – Key stats – REC 24, YDS 249, TD 0, YPC 10.40, 40T 4.82
He is a 5th or 6thround pick. If three knee surgeries don’t deter TT, Brian could end up in GB. His forte is catching the
ball. But his blocking skills are there as well. He seems very competitive. It is just those health issues ……..

8) Evan Rodriguez, Temple, 6‐3, 250 – Key stats – REC 36, YDS 479, TD 2, YPC 13.70, 40T 4.58
He is a 7th round pick. He is another H‐Back type who was not a primary option. But he still produced when thrown to.
And he seems to block very well but he will have to get stronger for the NFL.

9) Nick Provo, Syracuse, 6‐4, 246 – REC 51, YDS 537, TD 7, YPC 10.50, 40T 4.78
He is a UDFA. He set the school record for catches by a TE and is second in yardage by a TE. However, he is another HBack
type that would work well for the Packers. He seems to block well enough, but there is some room for him to grow

Wells is gone. They have signed the former Colt OC Jeff Saturday for this coming season, but he is getting old. A draft prospect
looks likely here. As good and strong as MI OC David Molk is, I do not think he will be a very good Packer. Hence he isn’t on the list.

1) Peter Konz, WI, 6‐5, 313 – Key stats – Bench 18, Arm length 33.00
He is a 1st or 2nd round pick. He does a lot of really good things including making calls at the LOS. His one drawback is
that he has missed time in each of the last three seasons because of injury and did not work out at the combine because
of injury. It will be interesting to see what happens on draft day.

2) Philip Blake, Baylor, 6‐3, 320 – Key stats – Bench 22, Arm length 33.00
He is a 3rd or 4th round pick. Aside from the fact he will be 26 as a rookie, he seems to play well most of the time. He
can get pushed back on a very occasional basis. And a couple of his shot gun snaps were a little off when I watched. I
don’t know if any of that is a concern, but he has the build to play any of the three inside positions. TT would love that.

3) Ben Jones, GA, 6‐3, 316 – Key stats – Bench 29, Arm length 32.50
He is a 3rd or 4th round pick. He seems like a very reliable center to me, but there was a report I read that indicated he
struggled with power oriented defensive players in the Senior Bowl. So maybe the weight room corrects that. But
otherwise it looks like he has good technique.

4) Michael Brewster, OSU, 6‐5, 305 – Key stats – Bench 29, Arm length 31.50
He is a 3rd or 4th round pick. His arms are among the shortest of the good centers in this draft. That may contribute to
his occasional problem of sustaining a block. Otherwise, he does most things well. He will need some strength work to
play in the NFL.

5) Quentin Saulsberry, MS St, 6‐2, 304 – Key stats – Bench 26, Arm length 33.75
He is a 5th or 6thround pick. I know TT attended his pro day. And one of the reason why is his versatility. He has played
not only OC, but RT, RG, and LG as well. He seems to sustain blocks well. I would not be surprised to see him in green &
gold next year.

6) Chris Anzevino, Kent St, 6‐2, 298 – Key stats – Bench 26, Arm length 33.75
He is a UDFA. I know TT went to his pro day, but not much beyond that. And there isn’t much information available
about him. TT has also listened to college coach endorsements. This might be the latest in that continuing saga.

GB still needs depth here. Lang started at LG last year and did well. Sitton holds down the RG position. Someone who could
play both G & C would be desirable.

1) Kevin Zeitler , WI, 6‐4, 317 – Key stats – Bench 32, Arm length 32.75
He is a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Could he be GBs next OC? He took snaps as a OC when injuries prevented the normal
centers from doing so at the Senior Bowl. He also struggled some at OG as well. But many think of him as the second
best guard in this draft. And he could be there when GB picks.

2) Amini Silatolu, Midwestern St, 6‐4, 318 ‐ – Key stats – Bench 28, Arm length 33.00
He is a 4th or 5th round pick. There is a lot to like and there is also a lot to develop. While he dominates at his level at
OT, I wonder if he realizes what success at a more competitive level looks like. His physical play and build will put him a
OG in the NFL. The learning curve could be at least 2 seasons long, but on the surface, the tools look to be there.

3) Brandon Washington, Miami FL, 6‐4, 320 – Key stats – Bench 28, Arm length 33.00
He is a 4th or 5th round pick. His physical play and problems at OT in pass protection will move him inside in the NFL
where a more confined area will help him. The learning curve here is probably shorter than for Amini.

4) Ryan Miller, CO, 6‐7, 321 – Key stats – Bench 32, Arm length 33.50
He is a 5th or 6th round pick. He played OG in college. He will need more strength, but the basics are there. He is
athletic and has good technique. He will make a roster in the NFL.

5) Ronald Leary, Memphis, 6‐3, 325 – Key stats – Bench 30, Arm length 34.75
He is a 5th or 6th round pick. He is another OT that will play OG in the NFL. Has really good technique and is physically
gifted. So what is the problem? He will play OG. And there is some uncertainty about former OTs moving to OG in the

6) Clyde Aufner, KS St, 6‐6, 301 – Key stats –NA
He is a UDFA. He looked rock solid in pass protection and adequate as a run blocker. Needs strength work for sure. I
just thought he looked good enough to play.

Looks like GB will keep Chad Clifton this year. And it looks like last year’s draft pick, Derek Sherrod will recover from his broken leg. Newhouse played but was not quick enough at times and allowed too many pressures. It will be interesting to see what Ted does. Matt Kalil (USC), Reiff Riley (Iowa), and Jonathan Martin (Stanford) won’t be there when GB picks. Mike Adams (OSU) is not Packer people. His involvement in tattoo gate, suspensions, and injury history keeps him off my list. Here are some other
candidates that I think fit GB.

1) Zebrie Sanders, FL St, 6‐6, 307 – Key stats – Bench 28, Arm length 35.00
He is a 2nd or 3rd round pick. He is a strong pass blocker that rarely gets beat. He needs to get stronger and put on some
weight. But he would be a nice addition to the Packers.

2) Kelechi Osemele, IA St, 6‐6, 333 – Key stats – Bench 32, Arm length 35.87
He is a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Osemele means “ancient warrior”. He is blessed with really good physical attributes.
When he uses them he is difficult to beat. Some think he is a guard in the NFL, but he is wide and difficult to get around.
I think he plays OT in the NFL – and hopefully for the Packers.

3) Bobby Massie, Ol Miss, 6‐6, 325 – Key stats – Bench 22, Arm length 35.00
He is a 2nd or 3rd round pick. He is coming out a year early. But he makes most of his blocks and has some agility for his

4) Mitchell Schwartz, CA, 6‐5, 325 – Key stats – Bench 23, Arm length NA
He is a 3rd or 4thround pick. This guy toils in relative anonymity but is very dependable. He also played both sides of line
at OT well. And he impressed at the Senior Bowl.

5) Tony Bergstrom, Utah, 6‐6, 315 – Key stats – Bench 32, Arm length 32.00
He is a 3rd or 4th round pick. Although very dependable and durable, he is a little older than most guys because of a two
year mission assignment. That and his shorter arms are his only negatives – which I found anyway. He plays guard as

6) Brandon Mosley, Auburn, 6‐6, 306 – Key stats – Bench 30, Arm length 34.00
He is a 4th or 5th round pick. He hasn’t been an OT very long – previously on DL and TE. However, he is a 2nd team all
SEC. Stronger run blocker than pass blocker, but he has room to grow as a player.

7) Tom Compton, USC, 6‐5, 314 – Key stats – Bench 20, Arm length 34.00
He is a 4th or 5th round pick. Tom is a relative unknown. But he has NFL caliber size, athleticism, and smarts. Hopefully
he gets to grow as a Packer.

8) Lamar Holmes, Southern Miss, 6‐6, 320 – Key stats – Bench 22, Arm length 35.25
He is a 7th round pick. He has good size and improving technique.

9) Marcel Jones, Nebraska, 6‐7, 320 – Key stats – Bench 13, Arm length 33.62
He is a 7th round pick. But most think he can develop into a starting caliber NFL OT. He needs to get much stronger – as
is the case for most coming to the NFL from college.

10) Dustin Waldron, Portland St, 6‐5, 307 – Key stats – Bench 29, Arm length 32.75
He is a 7th round pick or UDFA. Although a little undersized, he has a lot of other things going for him. If no one bits he
will get a look as an undrafted free agent.

11) James Carmon, MS St, 6‐7, 330 – Key stats – Bench NA, Arm length NA
He is a 7th round pick or UDFA. I saw him play and liked what I saw earlier this season. All the gushing about him after
his pro day will get some attention and I thought he played well given this was his first year at OT – LT at that. He played
DL before this last year. He will need some technique work – especially with his hands. But if he can accomplish all that
he did in one year, and continue the development, he will be playing for someone soon.

GB’s defense needs a few really good players. DE, OLB, CB, & S head the list. Thompson has been looking at free agents and signed
a few. But none that are difference makers. Tackling and pass rush head the list. And that means ROLB should be a priority. And if Nick Collins can’t return, safety should be a draft priority. So, with that I’ll begin.

GB needs an upgrade here – someone who can pressure the QB and play the run. In the 3‐4, the job is to be disruptive while
playing tough against the run. Consider Green and Neal replaceable. There is good talent here this year so hopefully GB can get a
good guy.

1) Fletcher Cox, MS St, 6‐4, 295 – Key stats: Tot Tkls 49, TFL 13, Sacks 4, QBP 3
He is a 1st round pick. The majority of his stats came in the last half of the year. He was injured before that. IF he can
stay healthy (seems like I heard that somewhere) he could really help the Packers. He might be available when GB picks.

2) Michael Brockers, LSU, 6‐6, 306 – Key stats: Tot Tkls 47, TFL 10, Sacks 2, QBP 4
He is a 1st round pick. If he can’t penetrate, he should be tough against the run. And he will command double blocking.
He may not be there for the Packers in round one, but you never know.

3) Devon Still, Penn St, 6‐5, 305 – Key stats: Tot Tkls 55, TFL 17, Sacks 5, QBP 1
He is a 1st or 2nd round pick. His cousins are KC Chief Art Still and Steeler Levon Kirkland. In spite of a torn ACL in 2007
and an ankle injury in 2008, he came back to put up a couple very good seasons. He dominates at times. It would be
nice to see him there for the Packers in round one.

4) Kendall Reyes, UCONN, 6‐4, 298 – Key stats: Tot Tkls 46, TFL 14, Sacks 5, QBP 4
He is a 1st or 2nd round pick. He had a very good Senior Bowl and impressed many. He also gets penetration. That is
something a guy named Cullen Jenkins did pretty well.

5) Jerel Worthy, MI St, 6‐2, 308 – Key stats: Tot Tkls 30, TFL 11, Sacks 4, QBP 0
He is a 1st or 2nd round pick. He is a very thick player who does get good penetration. I am a little concerned about him
wrapping up a player though. But he will have to be double teamed to be held at bay.

6) Billy Winn, Boise St, 6‐3, 300 – Key stats: Tot Tkls 33, TFL 8, Sacks 3, QBP 1
He is a 2nd or 3rd round pick. His stats don’t indicate the disruption he causes at times. He is a high effort guy though. It
won’t take him long to become a fan favorite

7) Derek Wolfe, Cin, 6‐5, 300 – Key stats: Tot Tkls 64, TFL 20, Sacks 10, QBP 6
He is a 3rd or 4th round pick. He is the co‐Big East defensive player of the year. Lead all DTs with 21.5 tackles for loss.
My stats only reflect the regular season. It is easy to see how he might fit into GBs plans.

8) Brett Roy, Nevada, 6‐4, 280 ‐ Key stats: Tot Tkls 64, TFL 19, Sacks 10, QBP 0
He is a 4th or 5th round pick. This intriguing guy has played DT, OLB, and ILB in his college career. In the pros he would
be better served to either lose weight to play LB in a 3‐4 scheme, or gain weight to effectively play 3‐4 DE. Either way it
is difficult to over look his energy. Something The Pack could have used a lot of last year.

9) Markus Kuhn, NC St, 6‐4, 303 – Key stats: Tot Tkls 47, TFL 8, Sacks 4, QBP 13
He is a 7th round pick. It will take some coaching, but this guy shows enough to develop into a good 3‐4 DE. He needs
technique work. But his strength is apparent.

10) Drew Nowak, Western MI, 6‐4, 292 – Key stats: Tot Tkls 91, TFL 21, Sacks 9, QBP 4
He is an UDFA. He isn’t getting any love in the media, but he was named the MAC defensive player of the year. He
doesn’t stay blocked and gets penetration. He is the kind of player the Packers are looking for – at least I hope.

With Raji & Pickett no starter or depth is needed. But when has the lack of need stopped TT anyway? Their 3‐4 jobs are to
occupy more than one blocker while playing the run. This year’s group is small.

1) Dontari Poe, Memphis, 6‐5, 350 – Key stats: TT 33, TFL 8, Sacks 1, QBP 5
He is a 1st round pick. With more strength and desire he could be very difficult to handle. As it is he can demand double
teams when he applies himself. Move him Raji outside and put him in as NT? It’s a thought anyway.

2) Alameda Ta’amu, Wash, 6‐3, 330 – Key stats: TT 28, TFL 7, Sacks 4, QBP 0
He is a 1st or 2nd round pick. He might be a good pick up to play at DE in run situations or at NT just to eat up blockers.
There is a toughness to him, he has instincts, and he is smart. He is Packer people.

3) Jean‐Baptiste Nicolas, Baylor, 6‐2, 315 – Key stats: TT 36, TFL 9, Sacks 4, QBP 0
He is a 6th or 7th round pick. He has the power to collapse a pocket. That alone would mean he would get double
teamed. And while that helps, I don’t think he will be an every down player in the NFL.

It is getting harder for TT to hide the lack of an impact ROLB. I think this is the year GB takes one in the first or second round. I have made the assumption that Melvin Ingram (S CA) won’t be available. Keep in mind that TT hasn’t had much luck with drafting college DEs and transforming them into Pro OLBs. So he may take someone who already plays the position. Here are some

1) Courtney Upshaw, AL, 6‐2, 265 – Key Stats: TT 45, TFL 17, S 9, QBH 11, FF 2, PD 1, 40T 4.76
He is a 1st round pick. He played LB in college. He could be there when GB picks. He shows up in big games. Some think
he would be better off being 4‐3 right DE. Speed might be an issue in a 3‐4 scheme. But there is a lot to like as well.

2) Nick Perry, USC, 6‐3, 250 – Key Stats: TT 54, TFL 13, S 10, QBH 0, FF 3, PD 3, 40T 4.64
He is a 1st or 2nd round pick. He played DE in college. His pass rush ability is undeniable. As with all DEs transferring to
3‐4 OLB the question is can he cover anyone downfield? He has very good balance.

3) Whitney Mercilus, IL, 6‐4, 265 – Key Stats: TT 52, TFL 20, S 15, QBH 6, FF 9, PD 1, 40T 4.68
He is a 1st or 2nd round pick. He played DE in college. He is a high effort guy that led D‐IA in sacks and forced fumbles.
For the pros, he will bring all that but will need to learn some things. At times he can be blocked. And consider
coverage skills as something he will have to learn from scratch.

4) Andre Branch, Clemson, 6‐5, 260 – Key Stats: TT 78, TFL 16, S 11, QBH 17, FF 1, PD 1, 40T 4.69
He is a 1st or 2nd round pick. He played DE in college. He can live in an offensive backfield. He is hard to block and could
easily draw two blockers helping to single up someone else. Again, coverage skills may be something he needs to learn.

5) Vinny Curry, Marshall, 6‐5, 242 – Key Stats: TT 77, TFL 22, S 11, QBH 8, FF 7, PD 1, 40T 4.98
He is a 2nd or 3rd round pick. He played DE in college. He is a power rusher that has a few moves and can tip passes at
the LOS. Not everyone thinks he can make the switch to 3‐4 OLB. His speed is one issue. I think he can do well in the

6) Ronnell Lewis, , OK, 6‐2, 244 – Key Stats: TT 59, TFL 13, S 6, QBH 4, FF 1, PD 6, 40T 4.63
He is a 3rd or 4th round pick. He played a hybrid LB/DE in college. He has tools to work with and he will need some time
to develop. But he can defend a pass. He has 3‐4 OLB written all over him.

7) Bruce Irvin, W VA, 6‐3, 245 – Key Stats: TT 38, TFL 14, S 8 QBH 2, PD 2, 40T 4.50
He is a 3rd or 4th round pick. He played DE in college. But, he has some speed and other skills. Hw=e will need time to
develop as a pro.

8) Shea McClellin, Boise St, 6‐3, 258 – Key Stats: TT 46 TFL 10, S 6, QBH 1, FF 1, PD 2, 40T 4.63
He is a 3rd or 4th round pick. He played LB in college. He is all over the field. He is instinctive and is disciplined. He also
knows how to defend a pass. He should do fine as a 3‐4 OLB.

9) Nigel Bradham, FL St, 6‐2, 240 – Key Stats: TT 77, TFL 9, S 2, QBH 0, FF 1, PD 4, 40T 4.64
He is a 4th or 5th round pick. He played LB in college. He is an athletic LB who plays with good instincts. He doesn’t
cover as well but that could be improved. He could play inside or outside.

10) Audie Cole, NC St, 6‐3, 248 – Key Stats: TT 122, TFL 10, S 4, QBH 8, FF 4, PD 2, 40T 4.81
He is a 4th or 5th round pick. He played LB in college. He has played both inside and outside. If his speed were better
he’d easily be a higher draft pick. But he makes tackles and apply some pressure and is around the ball a lot.

With starters & depth already on the roster, no big needs here. However, on occasion, the inability of our LB’s to cover passes
was exposed. If you think that one of those culprits is Hawk and that is what keeps Bishop off the field, look for GB to add some
depth. Here are some ideas.

1) Dont’a Hightower, AL, 6‐4, 260 – Key Stats: TT 81, TFL 10, S 3, QBH 8, FF 0, PD 4, 40T 4.76
He is a 1st or 2nd round pick. He would be a force on the inside for GB. What the DL doesn’t tackle he will.

2) Zach Brown, NC, 6‐1, 244 – Key Stats: TT 105, TFL 14, S 6, QBH NA, FF NA, PD 7, 40T 4.49
He is a 1st or 2nd round pick. He will add speed to our ILB group. He is all about speed and athletic ability. And he is very
good in coverage. The combo of Hightower & Brown would be impressive. But of course TT would have to high jack
some picks at gun point to make that happen.

3) Emmanuel Acho, Texas, 6‐2, 240 – Key Stats: TT 122, TFL 18, S 3, QBH 15, FF 1, PD 5, 40T 4.73
He is a 5th or 6th round pick. He’d be a very good 5th round pick if the projection is right. I think he plays faster than his
time which surprised me when I saw it. The bottom line is he makes plays.

4) Shawn Loiseau, Merrimack, 6‐0, 241 – Key Stats: TT 121, TFL 11, S 5, QBH 6, PD 1, 40T 4.66
He is a 7th round pick. He was active and productive in the Shrine game. But he is a development type guy. Strength
and work in coverage are the 2 things he will need to major on. But the way he plays I like.

5) Keller, Noah, Ohio, 6‐1, 245 – Key Stats: TT 116, TFL 8, S 1, QBH 4, FF 3, PD 5, 40T 4.58
He is a 7th round pick. He was not invited to the combine, so I think this guy is under the radar – by a lot. He has good
size, measurables, and play very well. A lot to like here and would make a very good Packer.

6) Danny Trevathan, KY, 6‐1, 232 – Key Stats: TT 143, TFL 12, S 3, QBH 2, FF 5, PD 9, 40T 4.68
He is an UDFA. He is a little under sized weight wise, but should make for a good prospect. And he is good in coverage.

7) Adrien Cole, LA Tech, 5‐11, 250 – Key Stats: TT 128, TFL 13, S 2, QBH 4, FF 1, PD 6, 40T 4.78
He is an UDFA. TT drafted an undersized LB last year, so drafting this guy is possible. He is very productive at his level
and TT could just sign him after the draft.

8) J.K. Schaffer, Cin, 6‐1, 232 – Key Stats: TT 105, TFL 12, S 4, QBH 1, FF 3, PD 9, 40T 4.74
He is an UDFA. He is a carbon copy of Danny Trevathan except he is a little slower. But the production is there.

9) Sammy Brown, Houston, 6‐3, 240 – Key Stats: TT 89, TFL 28, S 12, QBH 16, FF 0, PD 3, 40T 4.67
He is an UDFA. It surprises me that he has the measurables and stats, but is not getting any attention. If he isn’t drafted
someone should snap him up.

GB has two starting corners. And they drafted Devon House last year. But GB will be looking for a replacement for Patrick Lee.
This is a strong class if you like 5‐9 and 5‐10 CBs. TT has publicly drawn the line at 5‐11. A Packer CB will have to both defend the pass and tackle. And so far his picks in that area reflect that. Guys who can tackle and cover are required in the Caper defense. Claiborne will be gone before GB picks in the first round. Here are a few suggestions:

1) Dre Kirkpatrick, AL, 6‐3, 192 – Key Stats: TT 26, PD 9, INT 0, 40T 4.49
He is a 1st round pick and might be available when GB picks. Dreaming part I. I think he might be picked by the 28th pick.
But some projections say otherwise. He would look to start soon as well. Maybe he could in GB. He might make it
easier to match up against Calvin Johnson.

2) Stephon Gilmore, S CA, 6‐1, 194 – Key Stats: TT 41, PD 10, INT 3, 40T 4.52
He is a 1st round pick and might be available when GB picks. Dreaming part II. He seems to be an atheletic, instinctive,
smart player who knows where he fits in a defense. So he has brains – something the Pack seemed to lack at times last

3) Chase Minnifield, VA, 6‐0, 185 – Key Stats: TT 50, PD 11, INT 3, 40T 4.49
He is a 3rd or 4th round pick. He has NFL DNA his father was a CB for the Browns. Just the kind of player TT likes. Needs
to add weight and muscle but otherwise he is ready to go. He would be a very good Packer pick.

4) Josh Norman, Costal Carolina, 6‐0, 194 – Key Stats: TT 62, PD 14, INT 2, 40T 4.52
He is a 4th or 5th round pick. While he puts up stats and is talented, he will have to literally learn how to play the CB
position in a disciplined fashion at the pro level. Otherwise the talent will be wasted. And evidently he hasn’t seen too
many double moves before the Shrine game where those gave him trouble. But he could learn that as well.

5) Micah Pellerin, Hampton, 6‐1, 198 – Key Stats: TT 51, PD 19, INT 4, 40T 4.49
He is a 5th or 6th round pick. He may develop into a decent corner. Everything I found out about him refers to his lack of
technique. But he makes plays, and maybe he can do the same at the pro level with some development.

6) Coty Sensabaugh, Clemson, 5‐11, 189 ‐ Key Stats: TT 40, PD 14 INT 1, 40T 4.36
He is a 5th or 6th round pick. I think he is a really good development guy who comes with good instincts and speed.

7) Justin Bethel, Presbyterian, 5‐11, 196 – Key Stats: TT 87, PD 10, INT 4, 40T 4.58
He is a 6th or 7th round pick. He played both CB & S in college. He is a little raw and will have plenty to work on at the
pro level. He doesn’t shy away from tackling. He is a good prospect for GB.

8) Marrow, Desmond, Toledo, 6‐3, 210 – Key Stats: TT 78, PD 17, INT 3, 40T 4.54
He is an UDFA. He played both CB & S. He has good measurables and stats. I thought he played well when I saw him. I
think he worth a look.

GB needs a safety to replace Nick Collins, so that person will need to be able to start now. This guy will have good ball skills,
defend a pass, and hit hard. This is a lot to ask for I know. Here are some candidates:

1) Mark Barron, AL, 6‐2, 218 – Key stats: TT 66, PD 7, INT 2. 40T 4.51
He is a 1st round pick who could make it down to where GB picks. He is good with the mental part of the game, has good
ball skills, has a nose for the ball, and plays off blocks.

2) Harrison Smith, Notre Dame, 6‐2, 214 – Key stats: TT 84, PD 10, INT 0. 40T 4.56
He is a 1st or 2nd round pick. The point is he might be there in round one for GB. He is always around the ball and is
good in run support. But, he needs work on cover skills – especially deep coverage. Assuming he can improve there he
could help GB.

3) George Iloka, Boise St, 6‐3, 216 – Key stats: TT 57, PD 1, INT 1. 40T 4.62
He is a late 2nd or 3rd round pick. He is really good and tough in run support. He will need to work on cover skills and
technique to start at the NFL level. But some consider it as doable. He will need time to develop. Assuming that
happens, he could help the Packers.

4) Markelle Martin, OK St, 6‐1, 192 – Key stats: TT 74, PD 11, INT 0. 40T 4.49
He is a 3rd or 4th round pick. He is also very physical in run support and can play the ball in the air. He has the kind of
skills that can help in GB.

5) Antonio Allen, S CA, 6‐1, 210 – Key stats: TT 81, PD 5, INT 3. 40T 4.51
He is a 3rd or 4th round pick. He is a good tackler with good ball skills who can break up passes. He runs thru blocks on
blitzes. Was a 3 year starter playing a combination safety/linebacker position.

6) Trumaine Johnson, Montana, 6‐3, 199 – Key stats: TT 54, PD 14, INT 2. 40T 4.61
He is a 3rd or 4th round pick. He is a major talent at his college level. I will bet it translates to the pros. He has played CB,
S, WR, as well as ST. Some list him as a corner. Defended 17 passes and intercepted 5 his junior year. His speed
translates to safety at the NFL level. Now he has a DUI – Packer person? – we will see. For sure, there is some risk here.

7) Brandon Hardin, OR St, 6‐2, 222 – Missed entire 2011 season with shoulder injury that required surgery.
He is a 4th or 5th round pick. This guy is flying under the radar. In the 2010 he had 4.42 speed. He has corner skills and is
an aggressive wrap‐up tackler. He also played special teams well. Hopefully he can recover from his shoulder injury. In
that respect he’d fit right in with the Packers.

8) Christian Thompson, S CA St, 6‐1, 211 – Key stats: TT 66, PD 4, INT 2, 40T 4.43
He is a 5th or 6th round pick. He is an intriguing developmental pick who has a great size‐speed combo. As of now his
instincts are questionable. If he can learn the Packer defense he has some physical skills that can really help.

9) Matt Daniels, Duke, 6‐1, 205 – Key stats: TT 126, PD 16, INT 2. 40T 4.55
He is a 5th or 6th round pick. With a little strength work I think he can play at the NFL level. He tackles and covers which
is something GB lacked last year.

10) Jerron McMillian, Maine, 5‐11, 203 – Key stats: TT 88, PD 6, INT 1. 40T 4.49
He is a 7th round pick. He is a good development player with NFL caliber size, skills and instincts. It will take time for him
to play up to NFL speed.

11) Tramain Thomas, 6‐0, 198 – Key stats: TT 87, PD 11, INT 5. 40T 4.61
He is a 7th round pick. He doesn’t have ideal speed for his size, but he makes plays and is not afraid to tackle. All things
the Pack can use.

12) Lance Kelly, LA Laf, 6‐2, 204 – Key stats: TT 118, PD 11, INT 3
He is a UDFA. And he plays a linebacker/safety position and is a good wrap up tackler and can break on the ball. He will
need some strength work and will have to learn how to shed his linebacker instincts to play a primarily safety.

I doubt GB drafts any special team guys. If we need some competition for Crosby, then here are some candidates.

1) Greg Zuerlein, MO Western, 6‐0, 189 – Key Stats: 24 Attempts, 95.8% made, Long 0f 58 yards
He connected on 9 of 9 FGs over 50 yards, include two at 58 yards. He has a very strong leg. On kick offs his touchback
percentage was 43.1 this past year. He was recruited by major division I colleges but NCAA regulations prevented the

2) Blair Walsh, GA, 5‐9, 187 – Key Stats: 35 Attempts, 60.3% made, Long 0f 56 yards
He had a somewhat down year. He had been better before. He missed 3 pressure kick in the Outback bowl. But he had
been much better the previous three years – sort of like Crosby. He has a kick off average of 65.4 yards with 19 touch

Green Bay has a punter and I doubt that they will draft one – unless they trade up and take one in the second round – just kidding. If competition is needed they might ask one of these guys to hang with Masthay.

1) Bryan Anger, Cal, 6‐4, 208 – Key Stats: 45.8 Avg, 24 inside the 20, long of 73
He is a consistently good punter provided he uses a conventional style. Really good hang time. He will make a great NFL

2) Drew Butler, GA, 6‐1, 203 – Key Stats: 45.5 Avg, 26 inside the 20, long of 65
He never had a kick blocked. He also has NFL DNA – his father Kevin was a 13 year NFL place kicker. TT would probably
draft him just because of that.

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